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Iceland to Turkey, Spain to Estonia

Iceland to Turkey, Spain to Estonia

I’ve been busy, in Oct I started with Iceland, went on to England, France, Germany , Netherlands , Switzerland , with a two month stay in Turkey.

Then I flew back north and decided to go to Baltic states in the middle of winter , yes it cold but beautiful.

so I drove from Cologne Germany via the autobahn, to Leipzig , then thru Poland, Lithuania  , Latvia and I am now in Estonia, heading back south.



I have been here a little over a week rial Turkey and beautiful sea and beaches

Along with more than 2100 years of history

Knidos a huge city in Hellenistic Greece

And warm and sunny



After nearly going to the top, via cable  car I just had to post some more photos

The Matterhorn

Nur at the top of the alps

If you don’t know Matterhorn I’m not sure what you have been doing.  It is a large, near-symmetrical pyramidal peak in the extended Monte Rosa area of the Pennine Alps, whose summit is 4,478 metres (14,692 ft) high, making it one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe.[note 3] The four steep faces, rising above the surrounding glaciers, face the four compass points and are split by the Hörnli, Furggen, Leone, and Zmutt ridges. The mountain overlooks the Swiss town of Zermatt.  I’m staying in Zermatt.

Switzerland cern

Switzerland cern

I have been in Switzerland for a few days now. I started in Geneva.

One has to eat, and then chocolate. Chocolate









Lake Geneva

Now for the Really good stuff. Geneva is home to CERN,European Organization for Nuclear Research , the birth place of world wide web, here is server number 1.


Also the first time we saw a Higgs Boson



Meet Atlas

But Switzerland is the Alps. 

Carian Trail ,Turkey

Carian Trail ,Turkey

The latest new idea.

Datça Peninsula: 240.7 km. The section starts from Old town of Datça, 3 km before Datça, and follows Hızırşah, Domuzçukuru, Mesudiye, Palamutbükü, Knidos, Karaköy, Kızlan, Emecik, Balıkaşıran, Akçapınar, and ends in Akyaka.

The Carian Trail is an 820 km long-distance footpath exploring the South Western corner of Turkey through the modern provinces of Muğla and Aydın.[1] The trail is new and winds through some of the lesser known regions of Turkey.

The trail was explored and mapped beginning in 2009 was opened by Yunus Özdemir, Altay Özcan and Dean Livesley.[2] It was opened for travel in 2013.[3][4]

The trail is named after the Carian civilization, indigenous people of Asia Minor. It passes through an area with many ancient ruins.[5]Stone paved caravan roads and mule paths connect villages from the coast to a mountaineous hinterland. There are pine forest covered mountain slopes, olive terraces and almond groves which are an important part of the region’s economy.

The trail is signed and waymarked allowing both independent and group travellers to hike and enjoy the scenic beauty and cultural treasures of Caria.[6][7][8]


Why is this city Köln called Cologne? like perfume, see Eau de Cologne.

Long ago.. The city was named Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium in 50 AD.

Eau de Cologne (French: [o d(ə) kɔlɔɲ]; German: Kölnisch Wasser [ˈkœlnɪʃ ˈvasɐ]; meaning “Cologne Water”), or simply cologne, is a perfume originating from Cologne, Germany. Originally mixed by Johann Maria Farina in 1709, it has since come to be a generic term for scented formulations in typical concentration of 2%–5% and also more depending upon its type essential oils or a blend of extracts, alcohol, and water. In a base of dilute ethanol (70%–90%), eau de cologne contains a mixture of citrus oils including oils of lemon, orange, tangerine, clementine, bergamot, lime, grapefruit, blood orange, and bitter orange. It can also contain oils of neroli, lavender, rosemary, thyme, oregano, petitgrain (orange leaf), jasmine, olive, oleaster, and tobacco.

In contemporary American English usage, the term “cologne” has become a generic term for perfumes usually marketed towards men.

Koblenz, with Deutsches Eck

Koblenz, with Deutsches Eck

Today’s adventure was a bit further south from Cologne, to Koblenz. 

Again lots of history, from Roman’s thur medieval Germany to the world wars and today.

Lots of walking around and visiting places of interest, quite a few things were closed for winter but plenty of shopping opportunities

Koblenz (German: KoblenzGerman pronunciation:[ˈkoːblɛnt͡s] (About this sound listen)), also spelled Coblenz (English and pre-1926 Germanspelling) or Coblence (French: Coblence), is a German city situated on both banks of the Rhine at its confluence with the Moselle, where the Deutsches Eck (German Corner) and its monument (Emperor William I on horseback) are situated.

After the WW II



Bonn, birthplace of Beethoven

Bonn, birthplace of Beethoven

Bonn, a small city on the Rhine,

The Federal City of Bonn (German pronunciation:[ˈbɔn] (About this sound listen)) is a city on the banks of the Rhine in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with a population of over 300,000. About 24 km (15 mi) south-southeast of Cologne, Bonn is in the southernmost part of the Rhine-Ruhr region, Germany’s largest metropolitan area, with over 11 million inhabitants.

Among many museums  other things Beethoven House,

Last spring I also when to Drachenburg Castle in the Siebengebirge south of Bonn.

I’m getting pretty good on the buses and trains around Cologne

Also going on is

COP 23 – UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn

The German government opened the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn by announcing an additional 100 million euros to support developing countries in climate change adaptation
11.11 11:11 Köln Carnival

11.11 11:11 Köln Carnival

Today we get see a different side of Germany, only in Cologne. They start the Carnival at 11:11 on the 11 of November.




at the stage, a crush of people , only a tiny bit of wiggle room

The Cologne catheral 

Medieval cathedral

Lets have fun

not so much fun

now at the train station on the way home

An American in Paris

An American in Paris

So much has been said and written about Paris

There is such beauty in the buildings and the people. One can barely walk 100 meters before seeing another building which is so impressive I just stop and stare. In 5 days I have walked over 42 miles. I was here in spring and saw the other monuments.

I gave a full day to the Louvre , art from around the world and time. One day for the Palace of Versailles and the gardens. and the rest just walking and traveling by the metro.

The crush of people can be best felt by take the train in to the center. The train arrives full and everyone on the platform crams in. It is not just standing room, there is barely room to breath. this process is then repeated at the next station.

One can live in Paris—I discovered that!—on just grief and anguish. A bitter nourishment—perhaps the best there is for certain people. At any rate, I had not yet come to the end of my rope. I was only flirting with disaster. … I understood then why it is that Paris attracts the tortured, the hallucinated, the great maniacs of love. I understood why it is that here, at the very hub of the wheel, one can embrace the most fantastic, the most impossible theories, without finding them in the least strange; it is here that one reads again the books of his youth and the enigmas take on new meanings, one for every white hair. One walks the streets knowing that he is mad, possessed, because it is only too obvious that these cold, indifferent faces are the visages of one’s keepers. Here all boundaries fade away and the world reveals itself for the mad slaughterhouse that it is. The treadmill stretches away to infinitude, the hatches are closed down tight, logic runs rampant, with bloody cleaver flashing.[9]:180–182

Tropic of Cancer is a novel by Henry 


I went to a meeting in the headquarters of the Communist party in Paris

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