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  • White Cliff’s of Dover

    White Cliff’s of Dover

    I have heard of white cliff’s of Dover. Once I saw them on a bright sunny day I was amazed

  • Oxford 

    Wow so much to see and do. One feels the real and pretend magic. Harry Potter is everywhere but so is Darwin, Locke, Newton, so many of major scientists and philosophers as well as politicians.  The road less traveled 

  • Stonehenge 

    I must have been 10 years old when I first heard of Stonehenge. Like many people it captured my imagination.  So today was a day at the Stones. 

  • Corfe Castle in the English county of Dorset

    Corfe Castle is a fortification standing above the village of the same name on the Isle of Purbeck in the English county of Dorset. Built by William the Conqueror, the castle dates to the 11th century and commands a gap in the Purbeck Hills on the route between Wareham and Swanage. The first phase was one…

  • British Museum

    I decided to spend the whole of the next day in the British Museum. They have over 8 million things in the collection, Many of the Archeological sites I have been to , the good bits were packed up and sent here. They have a dozen rooms of Egyptian stuff, Mummies galore  and history of England.…

  • The Rock — Stein Mt Ejsa

    The Rock — Stein Mt Ejsa

    Today’s adventure North of Reykjavík is a small mountain Ejsa about 3000 ft tall. There was a 4 hour weather window Of sunny at noon I took the 15 bus to the 57 and hopped off at the hiking center. Its about 2 -3 hour hike to the top , very popular with the locals  …

  • The Geysir mission 

    As part of the Golden circle visitor to Iceland will stop to watch it erupt about every 5 minutes, I have edit to that last on minute for you. The word geyser comes from Iceland as “Geysir”, this was the first, ( well second, the first one stop working.   Mission accomplished ​​

  • Wtf Iceland 

    I was driving around Iceland, and just stoping to see the sighs. After a cool waterfall (foss ) I saw a parking lot full of cars and no sign of what was going on, but there was no parking fee, so I said what the heck, looks like a black sand beach. After 4 km…

  • Skógafoss

    Skógafoss – Wikipedia

  • Fish and more Iceland 

    Made to Iceland  Coffee and cake